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2018 Registration

Register before 1/10/2017 for an early bird discount, and make sure the class still has space.

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                     

We are being vigilant with regards to the outbreak of Hand Foot and  Mouth Disease  in school.  Today 1 student at our 5M class and 1 student at ES class have been diagnosed. Since we have no other case reported in other age groups, we consider this as a single incident and it did not spread in the school. Since children’s health is our prior concern, we are taking the following precautions:-

1. If you are anxious  about  the potential  for  your children  to  be infected, please feel free to keep them off school for the next  few days until you are comfortable with their return.

2. At the meantime, we will abandon the room and will use another room for class.

3. Whole school will be disinfected with 1:99 sodium hypochlorites 

For precautions, we are monitoring temperature of the children throughout the day. Sick children are not allowed into classrooms and will be sent home immediately. We are also constantly reminding them personal hygiene such as to wash their hands frequently and to cover their mouth when sneezing. Please co-ordinate with us by letting your child bring a small handkerchief in their back pockets.

As usual, we will Emphasis the need for regular hand washing.

 Thank you for updating your child’s health condition with us.





  1. 家长可以选择让孩子在家休息几天。
  2. 5M和ES将会在另一班房上课。
  3. 全校将会以1:99氯酸钙消毒。
  4. 为了您的孩子的安全着想,我们每天将为每个学生测量体温。如有发现学生生病,本园将会把学生隔离并通知家长把孩子接回家。此外我们亦有如常提醒学生个人卫生,如掩口打喷嚏和常洗手等。请家长为孩子准备一条可以放进裤袋内的手帕。





Open Day  15/10/2017 (Sun) 9am-12noon

This is an open event and everyone is welcome. Please invite friends with you. There will be:

A 3D-Craft corner by CAC Art Center                       - A Colouring contest               

A Magic Show by a Professional Entertainer         - Free Sculptured Balloons

A Superhero Appearance                                         - Giant Bubble Corner

Duck pond (please bring changing clothes)           - Free Door Gifts                      

Games stalls                                                              - Simulated Classrooms (9-10am)



-CAC Art Center立体手工创作角落                              - 有奖填色比赛

- 专业魔术师表演                                                          - 免费赠送造型气球              

- 超级英雄人物造型亮相                                               - 巨形吹泡泡角落

- 淘橡皮小黄鸭浅水池(前自备替换衣服)                       - 入场免费赠品

- 游艺摊位游戏                                                             - 模拟教室(9-10am)

Concert  1/10/2017

Mark this in your calendar!

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