Brain Dance Kindyland

2018 Registration

Register before 1/10/2017 for an early bird discount, and make sure the class still has space.



Open Day  15/10/2017 (Sun) 9am-12noon

This is an open event and everyone is welcome. Please invite friends with you. There will be:

A 3D-Craft corner by CAC Art Center                       - A Colouring contest               

A Magic Show by a Professional Entertainer         - Free Sculptured Balloons

A Superhero Appearance                                         - Giant Bubble Corner

Duck pond (please bring changing clothes)           - Free Door Gifts                      

Games stalls                                                              - Simulated Classrooms (9-10am)



-CAC Art Center立体手工创作角落                              - 有奖填色比赛

- 专业魔术师表演                                                          - 免费赠送造型气球              

- 超级英雄人物造型亮相                                               - 巨形吹泡泡角落

- 淘橡皮小黄鸭浅水池(前自备替换衣服)                       - 入场免费赠品

- 游艺摊位游戏                                                             - 模拟教室(9-10am)

Title 1

Concert  1/10/2017

Mark this in your calendar!

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